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Tourism Award Submission Writing

Entering the tourism awards is a big commitment. Writing submissions is a lot of work. JJ New Media has written winning submissions for the Tropical North Queensland, Queensland and Australian tourism awards. This year we were pleased to write for Mike Ball Dive Expeditions.

There is no doubt that entering the tourism awards is a big commitment for any organisation. Winning awards and getting recognised by peers, industry and media is fabulous, but preparing the submission is a lot of work and it is critical to get it right.

To win a tourism award, it is not enough to have a great product. You need a great submission. Why? The tourism awards are kind of like applying for a job. The judges (especially if you proceed to national level) may not know your product at all. They can only score you on what they read in your submission. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how fantastic your experience or product is, if that is not reflected in the submission, then you simply cannot attract the points to win the award.

Is this fair? It is the only way a state and national awards process can be run. The submission is broken up into sections and each section is allocated a total score. Entries are judged against criteria and scored accordingly. Those with the highest score at the end, win. To quote QTIC:

“A submission is like the bright lights in a jeweller’s diamond ring showcase – they make the diamonds sparkle. Without the lights even the finest diamond can look dull and uninviting. With lights even a lower quality diamond will look its best, and top quality diamonds will be simply stunning. That’s what a great submission can do for you – it showcases your product, bringing out the inner quality and making it shine. But make no mistake – lights, no matter how bright, can’t make a poorly cut diamond sparkle. And it’s the same with submissions. No submission can make your product look better than it is. So while the submission is vital, in the end whether you win or not starts and finishes with your product. All the submission can do is show why you deserve to win. But what an important job that is.”

So, does getting someone else to write the submission guarantee a win? No it does not. Your submission can only be as good as your product and operations. If your award competitors have done more in their business operations and appropriately reflected this in their submission, they will win.

However, getting JJ New Media to write your submission does ensure a few things.

1)      You are engaging the expertise of someone who has written winning submissions before. We will provide tips and suggestions, which will help form the content of the submission.

2)      You have an external person writing and reviewing your proposed content. We know if it’s strong or not. We can provide advice on how to make your submission stronger.

3)      You share the workload on preparing the submission. Submissions are a big commitment and you can expect to spend anywhere up to 100 hours working on them.

Please note, engaging JJ New Media to write your submission does not mean you can wash your hands of the process. A submission is only as good as its content. Its content is only as good as the time you spend to assist in preparing it. We don’t know your business, but we will work with you to understand and write about it to its very best advantage.

JJ New Media can assist with your tourism award submission writing in a few ways. We can review and edit your work, or we can write the submission from scratch. For Mike Ball Dive Expeditions, we wrote the submission from scratch, working closely with the operator to obtain the necessary information. The process worked well and importantly, the client was happy:

“Mike Ball Dive Expeditions hadn’t entered the Tourism Awards for over 10 years and with myself being a first-time submission preparer, I under-estimated the time, effort and detail that would be required in providing the information needed to prepare the submission, yet never once did I feel lost or overwhelmed by the task.  Julie’s expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the process inspires confidence and she broke each section into easily managed, bite-sized chunks.  The project was very well managed from the start and Julie was organised, specific and timely with all of her communications and expectations. 

The biggest benefit we have gained with the submission process is that our business has now been run through with a fine-toothed comb. After 45 years, there are so many unique processes that become part of the day to day business that you begin to fail to recognise that these are what makes your company so remarkable.  We have been able to look at our business anew and have been able to identify new areas to improve upon and areas to celebrate.   

Engaging JJ New Media to prepare our Tourism Award submission was one of the best decisions we made. It would have been a mammoth task for us to take on alone, without any guidance and we most likely would not have finished the submission in time. To try and prepare the submission in addition to your usual task load would be unrealistic. The time and effort Julie put into gathering knowledge and history on the company before even starting to write the submission was amazing. Throughout the entire journey Julie was supportive and thoroughly invested in ensuring that JJ New Media & Mike Ball Dive Expeditions, as a team, produced the best (hopefully – winning) submission possible.” – Janine Lucas, Office Manager, Mike Ball Dive Expeditions.

JJ New Media has written winning tourism award submissions, at a local, state and national level in the following categories: Heritage and Cultural Tourism; Major Tourist Attractions; New Tourism Development; Qantas Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism.

For more information on our tourism award submission writing services, please contact JJ New Media today on phone (07) 4041 0776 or email julie@jjnewmedia.com.au

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