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Spread the word, get liked and share your news through a strategic social media strategy.

Social Media

JJ New Media are the Cairns social media specialists and will develop branded profiles and thoughtful strategies to deliver you success in the crowded, online social space.

Social media is certainly not ‘new’ relatively speaking, but for many businesses it may well be a new venture and addition to your existing sales and marketing activities. The on-line social media space is a great way to promote your business, its products, services and news. It’s easy to update and a great informal space to connect with your target market.

Social media works particularly well for those businesses in the leisure, retail, travel, food and entertainment industry. This is a space your audience wants to engage with you in and JJ New Media will create an effective presence for your business. Our social media services include, but are not limited to: establishing a branded Facebook / Twitter account, creating a social media strategy for you to implement, providing ongoing social media services and updates for your business.


It’s all about the likes, isn’t it? Not necessarily. You can pay to get ‘likes’ on your Facebook page but if these people are not your customers, then what’s the point? Effective Facebook pages compliment your existing sales and marketing activities. They promote your products and services (including sales and special offers) and provide a forum to engage with your customers, seeking their feedback on your business and their experience. This is a great way to have immediate communication and impact with your customers. Used properly, Facebook will generate sales for your business.


Short and sweet, keep it punchy and neat, that’s what Twitter is all about. You have just 140 characters (including spaces) to deliver your message. Constantly streaming with a range of information from around the world, Twitter complements Facebook and is a very good medium to connect with news providers, public figures and industry leaders, not to mention your customers! It’s a crowded, hectic environment but it’s also targeted and allows specific search functionality. As well as concise messages, Twitter can also send out links, images, videos and more. Don’t be intimidated by Twitter, harness its power for your people.

Social media is a powerful communications and sales and marketing tool. Best of all? It’s cheaper than advertising and does not include print or design costs. It’s immediate and constantly evolving to meet the needs of your customers, their interests and desires. This is a space to get noticed and get business, so get on trend and let JJ New Media help you with your social media activities.

For more information on JJ New Media’s Cairns social media consultancy services, contact us today.

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