Public Relations

The practice of creating, promoting, or maintaining goodwill and a favourable image among the public.

Public Relations

JJ New Media are the Cairns public relations specialists and will develop successful strategies to deliver your business short, medium and long term results.

Public relations activities create and promote a favourable image of organisations, products and events.

Image and perception is critical to all public relations activities. Events, products, sponsorships, advertisements, editorials and media coverage should be tailored to foster the image and perception your organisation is seeking to establish in the minds of consumers.

Media Releases

Media coverage (targeted of course) is the most cost-effective way to build your image and profile with consumers, stakeholders and industry. JJ New Media will promote your event, launch, success or milestone to print, radio, television and on-line media through the preparation and dissemination of targeted media releases. JJ New Media’s professional writing services ensure your media release will be noticed in the newsroom.


Companies / products that win awards have credibility and profile with consumers, peers and industry. JJ New Media has extensive experience at writing award-winning submissions. Case study and testimonial.

Stakeholder Engagement

Improve stakeholder relations through strategic events, case studies, newsletters and communications. JJ New Media can provide advice and assistance on what is appropriate to build profile with your stakeholders.

Community / Consumer Engagement

Enhance your corporate image and profile with consumers and the general public through a range of effective public relations initiatives including sponsorships, advertisements and editorials.

JJ New Media helps clients create and maintain a positive public image, through targeted public relations activities. Past experience includes public relations in the sports industry, visual arts, tourism, not-for-profit organisations, real estate, development, community events, business, environment and agriculture.

For more information on how JJ New Media can assist with your Cairns public relations needs, contact us today.

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