The activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service.


Marketing promotes your business, its services and products to consumers. Successful marketing attracts customers, increases revenue and grows your business.

JJ New Media are your Cairns marketing specialists; areas of expertise includes brand management, preparing brochures and collateral, email marketing, social media, promotions, events, advertisements, fact sheets and websites.


A brand is the overall ‘image’ your organisation uses to promote its business, product or service. It includes logos, corporate colours, graphics and pictures. It also includes taglines and key messages. Successful brands are flexible across all mediums, print, audio, visual and on-line, allowing brand integrity to be maintained. A strong brand is a powerful sales and marketing tool and JJ New Media has extensive experience in brand development and management, appealing to target markets, building value through consistency and recognition. Let JJ New Media help build your brand. View our branding case study.

Brochures & Collateral

Effective brochures and collateral are brand consistent; contain useful information and appealing imagery, clear / strong calls-to-action and appropriate contact details. Your sales and marketing collateral does the selling for your business, when your people aren’t there. JJ New Media has extensive experience at writing brochures and producing assorted print and promotional collateral with talented graphic designers.

Email Marketing

E-newsletters are a cost-effective way to communicate with your clients. They can be sent regularly to ensure you remain top-of-mind, or scheduled to promote special offers and events. Content should be brief, relevant and targeted. Links should be embedded, directing customers to your website for additional information. Contact details and clear calls-to-action should be included and the visual presentation should be brand consistent and appealing.

Social Media

Although this phenomenon is not ‘new’, it is still something a lot of Cairns businesses are yet to embrace and use to their advantage. Social media provides a completely free channel of communication between your business and its customers. It is interactive and allows an immediacy of response, strengthening the relationship between your brand and its consumers. Social media communications / posts / tweets should be carefully crafted to be brand consistent, communicate key messages and interesting information and be tailored to suit the on-line platform and your audience, their interests and desires.


Websites are a powerful addition to your sales and marketing arsenal. Available 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year, websites should be designed, developed and written to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, have clear, concise content and strong calls-to-action. They should provide on-line visitors with a complete introduction to your business, its products and services, prices and have booking / contact details and functionality. JJ New Media are your Cairns website professionals and can assist with all aspects from domain name registration through to copy writing, design, development and hosting. View our client testimonial.

For more information on how JJ New Media can assist with your Cairns marketing needs, contact us today.

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