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JJ New Media will build your brand. From concept to creation, development and production, we have the expertise to deliver the complete range of branding services. A recent case study of our work in this area is a branding project completed for the Family Responsibilities Commission.

The Family Responsibilities Commission (FRC) has been operating since 1 July 2008 and is a partnership between the four Cape York communities of Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale and Mossman Gorge, the Queensland and Australian Governments and the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership.


The purpose of the Commission is to support the restoration of socially responsible standards of behaviour and to assist community members to resume and maintain primary responsibility for the wellbeing of their community and the individuals and families within their community.

In 2014 the FRC identified the need to build presence, profile and recognition within their communities and amongst their new and existing clients and service providers. While they already had an established corporate logo and colour palette, they had no marketing materials or brand presence.

JJ New Media worked with the FRC to create an appropriate new brand, tagline and range of materials to help build presence, profile and recognition. The messaging – visual and written – was prepared in consultation with the FRC to appeal to the target market, being community members and service providers within community.

JJ New Media provided several services in conjunction with this project, including but not limited to: project management, liaison with internal and external resources, production of a detailed design development brief, tagline creation and copy writing for brochures and posters.

To achieve outcomes satisfying the client’s objectives, JJ New Media worked closely with key FRC representatives to gain a thorough understanding of the project, its target market, budget and timelines.

Communication was clear throughout the project. Once JJ New Media had developed the design development brief, tagline and copy for the marketing materials, to the approval of the client, external resources were engaged to deliver the design and printing component of works.

The end result was the creation of a new brand for the FRC, which appealed to the target markets while complimenting the existing corporate logo and colour palette. The brand was then applied across the production of several items including a brochure, series of posters and presentation materials.

The project was completed on time and on budget and perhaps most importantly, to the satisfaction of the client.

“Julie Johnston met with the FRC to discuss our needs and requirements, gaining a clear picture of our expectations. From there, she developed a plan and timeline to meet our objectives. Consultation and communication throughout the process was clear, friendly and efficient. A range of taglines were developed for our consideration and their implementation across the copy and the brochure was effective,” said Rob White, Registrar, Family Responsibilities Commission.

“We are very happy with her services and would recommend her for your branding needs.”

The new FRC brand is an extension of their existing corporate identity, taking the colours and tone while creating an appealing and flexible design. It delivered on the customer brief, is appealing to their target market and can be adapted to suit a range of mediums.

If you need help developing your brand, contact JJ New Media today on phone (07) 4041 0776 or email julie@jjnewmedia.com.au

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